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Our passion is photography and our gift is to create your forever memories. Photos of the Heart are truly forever. We are your photo dream makers. Your memories are recorded through our hearts and minds.

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We approach your wedding by educating you about the complete photo process, thus being able to fulfill your every desire for your perfect wedding day.

Why Choose Photos of the Heart? We Care…

Why Choose Photos of the Heart?
We Care…

Why Choose Photos of the Heart? We Care…

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The Best Product and Service for Your Most Important Day. All at Very Competitive Prices.

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Expect only the best product and service for your most important day.
All at very competitive prices.



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Our Specialties

• Weddings
• Enagements
• Anniversaries

• Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s
• Sweet Sixteens
• Quinceañeras

• Families & Children
• Proms & Graduations
• Other Events

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Wedding Stories

  • Colette and Mark: We photographed the surprise bridal shower at the Irish Coffee Pub in Islip. On the wedding day, we started at the Marriot Hotel in Islandia then we left the church and drove to Gantry Park in the Bronx for photographs at that location that was important to the bride and groom. From here, we drove to Marina Del Rey in Throgs Neck, New York for the reception. The Throgs Neck Bridge was in the background of many photographs and the ceremony was outside as the weather was on our side that day. Great story: the reason you’re seeing 7/11 and coffee cups is because when I asked why there were gift coffees and coffee machines, etc. at the bridal shower, Colette told me that they met at a 7/11 as they each went to work each morning, and Mark bought her coffee for a whole year at the 7/11. Soooo, I went to a 7/11 the morning after the wedding and photographed the coffee to be used in their wedding story album.

  • Lisa and Chris: Murphy’s Law was sure active on this wedding day. It became very interesting at Lisa’s home in Brentwood, Long Island, New York when she received a phone call from the groom saying he couldn’t make it to the wedding. What? It seems he threw out his back really bad. Needless to say Lisa was stressed. I don’t know how she did it, but my wife Debby got on the phone and somehow got a chiropractor on a Sunday morning to the groom’s house (with a folding table) and worked his magic. The bride was so stressed about the situation, she didn’t get dressed at the house on time. As you can see in the photograph, the bride left the house in her bathrobe. At the hall (Woodbury Country Club in Woodbury, near the Crest Hollow and Fox Hollow) I photographed the groom and the guys and his family while Debby helped the bride to finish dressing. After the ceremony, we photographed the bride with the girls and her family. It turned out to be a great wedding with wonderful people. Please remember that the photographer(s) are with you longer than anyone else, from before the bride is dressed till we all wave and kiss goodnight. We are prepared to help in many ways, in addition to taking the memory photographs. We are not just in the photo business, WE ARE IN THE MEMORY BUSINESS!

  • Second wedding; the groom had this adorable 6 yr old boy. When he started playing with his “new” mom’s dress we all let him continue. When we made the album, we told the boy that the most important thing to the bride and groom is always on the last page. You had to see the delight on his face when he saw the finished album. He won’t see this photo elsewhere and I guarantee you that this was truly a Photo of the Heart for this young man and his family.

  • Tammy: All weddings are as different as people are. For us, it’s all about getting to know the bride and groom and their concerns. Pre-planning is critical and we are good at it from our combined 40 years experience. All weddings seem to have one challenge or another. As you can see in the photograph, the bride is physically challenged. With our experience, training, and equipment, we’re ready for almost anything. For this wedding, we purchased several pieces of (behind the scenes) equipment to help make the bride comfortable and to help here look her best in the photographs. Tammy was truly gorgeous for her wedding.

  • Lisa and Danny: It rained on their wedding day, but it didn’t matter at all. The bride and groom actually first met were they were in second grade. After we left the bride’s home, we went straight to the elementary school two blocks away. We photographed the bride, groom, and wedding party in their second grade classroom. We then went to Lombardi’s on the Sound in Port Jefferson for the reception. The rain stopped later that afternoon and we were able to get some outside photographs.

  • Laura and Cory: The weather was ok in the morning, but then we were in a full hurricane. That’s right, a hurricane! We then went to the Marriott Hotel (instead of the pre-planned beach photos) . At the Bellport Country Club in Bellport, Long Island, New York (one of my favorite catering halls….please ask us why), they handled the situation perfectly. Ceremony and reception was obviously held all indoors. All had a great time. The weather didn’t dim any spirits. We have multiple lighting systems and many extras batteries. If electricity went out (which it didn’t that day) we would still have photographed everything properly. We’ve done weddings in storms, blizzards, etc. (yes, we have a strong 4 wheel drive suv).

  • Bridgette and Tommy: At the house, the bride requested a ring photograph in her Bible next to a favorite passage. Leaving, their home, we took the photos you see here, and then the bride FAINTED ! That’s right, she fainted. At first, we didn’t know what was wrong, so we called for an ambulance, which came pretty quickly. Turns out, the bride was so busy and excited, that she didn’t eat breakfast and she really passed out. PLEASE EAT AND BE COMFORTABLE ON YOUR WEDDING DAY. We carry emergency food and water (as well as needle and thread, bobby pins, hair pins, safety pins, asprin, Tylenol, smelling salts, extra shoelaces, backup lighting and cameras and lenses etc. The ceremony and reception was at Lombardi’s on the Sound in Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York

  • Alexandra and Michael: By far, this was one of the best weddings ever. Too many reasons to list here, but please ask us why when you visit us. We did two separate engagement photo sessions, and on the wedding day, we were able to fill all requests. From the first reveal, to the Great Gatsby theme details, to a special photo of the groom with his Dad, to many major group shots of relatives who came from out of the country for the wedding day. One engagement shoot was at the Chelsea Mansion in the Muttontown Preserve (near the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay). Second engagement photo session was at a special lake in Setauket. The wedding day started at the Marriot Hotel in Islandia, Long Island, New York.Even though the bride and groom live in Brooklyn, the ceremony and reception was at Lombardi’s on the Bay in Patchogue, Long Island, New York.


What The People Say:

  • “We are pleased to work with POTH! They filmed our civil and formal ceremonies. The call list was invaluable. It assisted us with organizing the wedding party members and vendors at a very hectic time. We would definitely recommend having POTH for your big day!”

    Sherry & Stu

  • “Thank you so much for doing the most incredible job for our wedding. The pictures came out beautiful, I love every single one of them. You really know what you are doing - my friends and family are still talking about how great you were!

    Kelley & Michael

  • We just want to thank you again for the amazing job you did capturing our wedding day through your beautiful photos. We also appreciate the promptness in getting our proofs to us. All of our friends were amazed with how quick they came back. We always wanted to find a "good" photographer and now we finally have! We look forward to seeing you in the future.

    Vito & Stacy


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We Have Worked At All Of The Following Venues

• Atlantis in Riverhead
• Atlantis in the Bahamas
• Atlantis on Dune Road
• Chateau La Mer
• Coindre Hall
• Crescent Club in Bayville
• Crest Hollow
• Danfords

• East Wind Country House
• East Wind Estates
• Floral Terrace
• Flowerfield
• Fox Hollow
• Garden City Hotel
• Georgios

• Hamlet Windwatch in Islandia
• Hilton in Islandia
• Holiday Inn
• Hotel Hilton Gardens
• Jericho Terrace
• Land’s End
• Larkfield Manor

• Leonards
• Lombardi’s on the Bay
• Lombardi’s on the Sound
• Majestic Gardens
• Manor East
• Marriott in Islandia
• Meadow Club

• Mediterranean Manor
• Metropolitan
• Miller Beach Surf Club
• Miller Place Inn
• Milleridge Inn
• Oheka Castle
• Post College

• Riviera
• Russo’s on the Bay
• Smithtown Bay Yacht Club
• Smithtown Landing
• Swan Club
• Thatched College
• The Hamlet in Commack
• The Inn at East Wind

• The Sand Castle
• The Vinyards
• Three Village Inn
• Villa Lombardi’s
• Watermill
• Willow Creek Hamlet

• Woodbury Country Club
• Westbury Manor
• George Washington Manor
• Sheraton Smithtown
• Marina DelRey
• Carlyle on the Green
• The Bourne Mansion

• Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport
• Vanderbilt Mansion at Dowling College
• Shoreham Country Club
• Pleasantdale Chateau in NJ
• Lady Windridge Yacht
• Rendezvous Yacht in NYC

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About Us

The meaning and joy of our lives is to preserve, through photography, precious moments of achievement, love, romance, commitment, and fun – memories to cherish and share.

Let our trained eye, skilled hands, and twenty plus years of experience capture the images of your special day!

Experience professionalism in a relaxed, caring, and comfortable atmosphere from the pre-planning stage through your entire event. Known for our creativity, versatility, and contemporary style, we have photographed at many of the most prestigious locations on Long Island.

Debby & Ives are personally available for destination weddings worldwide.

Come and see what Photos of the Heart can do for you!


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